The Yachats Mushroom Festival: October 19th-21st, 2023

Join us once again at the Yachats Mushroom Festival 2023, a comprehensive celebration featuring special mushroom menus, guided walks and a lineup of compelling speakers and workshops. Since the festival’s beginning, LCMS has been an integral contributor and the force behind its star attraction—the Mushroom ID Hall. Staffed by seasoned mycologists and LCMS members, this hall is your go-to for all things fungal identification. Don’t forget to bring your own samples! LCMS will also offer a curated selection of regional mushroom identification books for purchase, with a special discount for club members and new sign-ups.

We’ll also be leading panel discussions, guiding educational mushroom walks, and running a daily children’s mushroom art corner. Join LCMS to connect with others and expand your mycelial consciousness. Additional workshops on soil biology and microscope use round out the offerings. For the full event lineup and to secure your spot in various activities, visit Many elements require pre-registration and payment, so don’t delay!

Club Members:

We can use volunteers in various areas! Some examples are: bringing in specimens for the ID hall, setup, cleanup, and take down of the ID hall, greeting attendees who come to the ID hall, helping to sell books and talk about LCMS so we can make more friends to grow and share the club with (member recruitment), helping with mushrooms IDs as able and more. Reach out to club leadership (Kimmarie and Anne)

We’re asking for volunteers to assist in two hour blocks, so you can have a minimal time commitment.

*The mushroom display area is cool to help keep the mushrooms in good shape, dress accordingly and in layers*

Volunteer Shift Blocks:

  • Friday 10/20/23
  • Saturday 10/21/23
  • Sunday 10/22/23

Please see the LCMS Newsletter for more details!

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